Czech CZ f21463f6-0b4f-4368-b91e-668103d39be7 <![CDATA[Tatra to supply Jordan with over 300 chassis in CZK 1 billion deal]]> 34b519b9-3875-49ea-8544-cff9572a154d <![CDATA[Prague’s Žižkov TV Tower set for videomapping of Apollo 11 moon launch, landing]]> 4f801858-fb8d-4c86-b68a-47e99ad9404b <![CDATA[Sinologist Filip Jirouš: China will keep pressuring Prague leadership, new agreement unlikely]]> 63a60693-596e-4d97-b4d1-eeb15ca7434d <![CDATA[Central Europe’s largest traditional dance festival kicks-off in Prague]]> b44db824-be20-47be-af2a-009e57cfaca6 <![CDATA[Czechs may be losing entrepreneurial appetite, 2019 data suggests]]> 4b4a6680-1ce0-4f2e-89ed-a2157191b2e0 <![CDATA[Ostrava district officials, Food Not Bombs at odds over homeless outreach]]> aa4a92f1-c1a0-490b-85f0-af05f57129dd <![CDATA[Prague flats most expensive in Central Europe, in terms of average earnings]]> 799d709d-d084-4628-aae9-fa16640ea966 <![CDATA[Eclective music festival Colours of Ostrava kicks off, The Cure among headliners]]> d05d22d1-d881-438c-a7a8-36bececbbff2 <![CDATA[Ursula von der Leyen’s election greeted with mixed reactions]]> 2b372b0d-7349-4509-aa4e-164106cdd038 <![CDATA[Translators from Europe and Asia gather in Czech Republic at 5th edition of annual Susanna Roth Awar]]> 0f6ccc44-b36a-4ff2-9888-16ccfacd92bf <![CDATA[iHNed: Electric car market set to take off next year]]> 7a4496ed-9eda-4dca-9611-7213cdfab7bb <![CDATA[Soc Dems set ultimatum to stay in govt, but no real deadline, in culture minister row]]> b3bfcbcb-1bcb-4d05-a31f-c0c409c3a809 <![CDATA[Level of digitalization in public administration considered inadequate]]> 673a5dad-7c5e-439f-9bfc-17161d65d8c0 <![CDATA[Žluté lázně – a popular bathing spot not far from central Prague]]> 9d8cd29c-2173-4700-aa4f-715a6a394088 <![CDATA[Love of Kafka unites artists in show marking 30th anniversary of Velvet Revolution]]> 076e2779-046e-40cd-9dfd-69121d7be92e <![CDATA[Czech PPF Group biotech firms begin trials to extend lives of cancer patients]]> 50dd1ac7-9813-47ab-b48d-dd2f1580b5fa <![CDATA[‘Red Paw’ – First Czech blood bank for dogs]]> 60838815-b7ed-48fd-98e3-0bd8fbd1f778 <![CDATA[Sazka bids for complete control of one of Europe’s largest betting firms]]> e71ab076-0209-42cc-8224-b6977bca6967 <![CDATA[Star statistician Ola Rosling schools Czechs on democratising data, systematic misconceptions]]> 3065dac3-6844-4e6e-a438-cee66746e187 <![CDATA[Czech industrial production dips slightly in May but foreign trade surplus grows]]>