Czech CZ 74317a0e-0be1-4619-81ff-09cd9da0dd1f <![CDATA[Prague Airport’s Terminal 2 to be expanded under plans for huge jump in passenger numbers]]> 16f1245c-77ca-4d05-a71b-7be5038dc7fb <![CDATA[Russia places Czech NGO People in Need among list of “undesirables”]]> 8fdffd99-2d6d-45d4-b3f9-4a9d73631f03 <![CDATA[Launch of new toll system likely to cause traffic disruptions]]> 7c8eeac8-cf79-4cdc-ab31-0383e654419e <![CDATA[Leading figures of 1989 discuss revolutions and their heritage in Central Europe at Czech Radio conf]]> 1db642f4-4049-404f-80c4-36b83d23fd94 <![CDATA[Dialogue: a collection of interviews with artists from three post-communist states about the past an]]> 9db82464-c84c-42f0-a6a2-363dea0476b5 <![CDATA[Škoda unveils 4th-generation Octavia ahead of model’s 60th anniversary]]> 2fa251bf-dfdf-4d5b-a26e-bc29fecb9d33 <![CDATA[Prague’s revamped Lennon Wall becomes open-air gallery]]> c61b54a3-ae21-4b9d-914b-e2885c38e89f <![CDATA[Wine and goose on offer as Czechs start celebrating St. Martin’s Day early]]> eff071fa-4d4f-45d9-9388-b6a4e7b1a561 <![CDATA[ČSÚ: Growth in Czech hotel stays slows, number of US, French tourists up]]> a513a9d2-b718-4690-8529-099823767350 <![CDATA[15 years later – was ending military service right move for Czech Republic?]]> c99ba8b2-02f2-4caf-9c83-6c9cf76e37b1 <![CDATA[Čvančara Bros’ book chronicles Prague 3 ‘through the ages’ – from Celtic settlement and Royal Vineya]]> db04ae96-dade-4024-a326-c5d79a0d7b5c <![CDATA[Czech Authorities Fighting Vaccine Hesitancy]]> e5daedbd-7661-427d-a926-e171879653df <![CDATA[Ruling coalition pushes tax hikes through lower house]]> 94151f59-33ba-49c5-82ff-6980778bbb6a <![CDATA[Last Czechoslovak PM Jan Stráský dies at 78]]> 6d966aca-56d4-4fba-b163-a9705578d856 <![CDATA[Polná na Šumavě: independent life in a former Czech military zone]]> 115b3418-4fcb-47fd-858b-0854c557da81 <![CDATA[Forgotten Czech net bag makes a comeback]]> 10c43937-9ff4-42e9-924f-20feb9795a85 <![CDATA[Same amount but more flexible - “Friends of Cohesion” agree on joint declaration on funding in futur]]> 7d7f8c15-5abd-4dca-976a-9839a2404452 <![CDATA[Czech women lose a month’s earnings due to gender pay gap]]> 5f89151a-28bf-4a0c-ae0e-a192a3bd6733 <![CDATA[Headmasters at Czech schools most overburdened by administration in EU, study shows]]> 492ed062-6702-4fbc-8d34-1ce9e4d90641 <![CDATA[Unions: Strike Wednesday will hit most Czech schools]]>